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          POSITION:HAND-IN-HAND > Products > ProfessionalGlue > Free Nail Glue/Liquid Nail
          Free Nail Glue/Liquid Nail
          Free Nail Glue/Liquid Nail

          Application:LED, photo frames, display board, acrylic, PVC board, wooden signs, stainless letters, crystal letters, aluminum alloy, light box, sign making, PU lines, marble, glass, wood, metal and other materials.


          1.    Strong adhesive, better soft performance, hard to br.

          2.    Fill the cap, seismic capacity.

          3.    Resistant of high temperature and cold, moisture-proof, anti-mildew.

          4.    Saving time and effort, instead of traditional nail.

          5.    Widely used, can polish after paint dry.

          6.    No contain harmful elements, no three benzene, and no formaldehyde.

          7.    Good result, fast, fasting and firm, low carbon environmental protection. 

          Packing: 300ml*24pcs/carton.

          Carton size: 30cm*21cm*24cm

          G.W.: 11kg