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          POSITION:HAND-IN-HAND > Products > ProfessionalGlue > Flex Banner Glue
          Flex Banner Glue
          Flex Banner Glue

          Description:this glue made by high quality imported resin with the most advanced international craft to ensure the superiority of quality. No any poisonous solvent contained, it is very economic and environmental. The advantages of this glue are high strong stickness, durable firm, soft, easy to use and simple operation. It is the ideal product for the flex banner in the advertising field.

          Application: used for bonding all kinds of flex, banner, mesh, inkjet material in the advertising field, leather, plastic, and rubber, etc.

          Technical Data:

          Note: all the data are tested by 25.



          Curing time

          Shelf life


          Packing details

          60 cps

          5-10 mins

          10 months

          >60 mpa