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          POSITION:HAND-IN-HAND > Products > ProfessionalGlue > New Acrylic Glue/Adhesive
          New Acrylic Glue/Adhesive
          New Acrylic Glue/Adhesive

          Application: acrylic board, PMMA, PS, PVC and others.



          1.      Adhesive all transparent, non-white side, no bubbles.

          2.      Stong adhesion.

          3.      Fixed fast, 10-15s.

          4.      Adhesive flows fast and very uniform, rapid flow through joint-edge or joint-face.


          Usage: with the injection needle can be, in order to accelerate the penetration of the adhesive bonding side face, please use the paper cutter would be carried out by the injection of 45 degrees at the edge of unilateral chamfer. (Scratch twice enough).


          Packing: 500ml*20bottles/carton.


          Shelf life: 2 years



          1.      When the skin contact with this product, wash with lots of water at once.

          2.      Use in dry, ventilated, clean environment.

          3.      Stored in a non-direct sunlight.